Friday, May 4, 2012

Get more traffic by Branded Keywords

More than likely, your readers are already using branded keywords to find you on Google, Bing, etc. As opposed to your generic, niche keywords that have been attached to your site via content, branded keywords are organically ranked high for your site. Taking advantage of these branded keywords can help increase your SERP’s and PPC traffic, as you begin to address an entirely new area of your keyword research and tracking.

“Many search marketers perceive branded keywords as the holy grail of a successful search campaign.” –

What are Branded Keywords?

So what are these branded keywords I am talking about? Branded keywords are those used by visitors who already know you exist. This includes any version of your brand, URL or website name. For, this could be –, joeschmoe, Joe Schmoe, etc .

Branded keywords generally rank organically at a very high rate on search engines across the board because they are found all over your website; in your site name, URL, and other links within the site. There are ways to utilize this naturally searchable term to your benefit; whether that is to increase traffic to your site, heighten brand awareness, or start a successful PPC campaign.

How to Find Them

In order to use your branded keywords to their full potential, you have to find them. This can be done with the same analytics tool you’ve been using for basic SEO purposes; you’ll want to separate your branded keywords from the others. This allows you establish which will be best for in content use, PPC use and purchasing.

It’s important to recognize that although your branded keywords may be getting more searches than your non-branded, both are necessary to high traffic levels. While branded keywords may be used by someone already aware of your brand, the generic keywords will continue to be an important aspect in driving new traffic to the site. Google recommends, “Balance your use of generic and branded keywords to capture a wide range of customers and increase conversion opportunities.”

Using Them

Using branded keywords is a smart way to take advantage of search engines’ natural ability to gather information and present relevant results. Because these keywords are already ranking relatively high, you should take advantage of their place within results.

  • In Content – If customers are searching with branded keywords, but your site is too new to rank, use them in your content. This boosts Google’s awareness of them, helping you and your readers.
  • PPC – If you aren’t showing up in generic search results for your branded keywords, a PPC campaign utilizing these will boost customer confidence as you crawl to the top of the search engines. If you are, however, getting a significant amount of traffic with your brand keywords, it would be a smart way to kick-start your PPC campaign.
  • Buy them – In this social media marketing world, competitors will do anything to hold you down. If you purchase your branded keywords from Google, you can avoid losing them to someone else.

Branded keywords are a great organic tool to drive traffic and money to your site. Using lower ranked, branded keywords in your content can give you a boost in search engines. However, taking advantage of your naturally high ranked branded keywords can help push traffic to your PPC campaign. Branded keywords are a great tool in creating brand awareness and traffic, so be sure to account for them in your next site analysis.

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